The CATALOG of the ART SENSES exhibition,
set up in Milan at the Istituto dei Ciechi

Given the importance of an event that cannot be forgotten, we are proud to present the Catalog of the ART SENSES Exhibition, International Biennial of Contemporary Art for the blind and visually impaired artists, set up in Milan during the EXPO
In this Catalog, a human and cultural heritage is saved from danger of being forgotten, and being able to realize it really makes us happy.
The Art@ltro Association thanks the blind /visually impaired Artists who participated, the President of the Republic which granted the medal as a prize of representation, Authorities and Privates who gave their collaboration and support. The Association thanks the Commissioner of the Institute of the Blind Rodolfo Masto for making this exhibition possible: an event that has been able to enhance the creativity of blind / visually impaired artists from five different Countries, with a view to inclusion and cultural development.






SENSI DELL’ARTE | Art Senses | 2015 |16


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On Thursday, September 17, 2015 the award Ceremony of the Third Edition of “Art Senses” – the biennial international exhibition-competition of contemporary art reserved for people who are blind and visually impaired, created by the Art@ltro association thanks to the participation of the prestigious Institute for the Blind of Via Vivaio in Milan – took place. This event was awarded the Medal of Representation of the President of the Italian Republic. Forty works by blind artists came from Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Israel, Slovenia, in addition to Italy. In the course of the exhibition, they match with those of seeing artists who created tactile works accessible to those who cannot see or those who want to “read” them with their eyes closed.
In short, we deal with an interactive exhibition with deep meanings, to which we add a marble sculpture path carried out by artists who are blind during the Carrara Symposium, organized by Pemart August by means of robotic technology.
The jury was composed of: the designer Sergio Staino as a chairman; the scientific director of the Institute for the Blind Giancarlo Abba; the artist and curator Gian Paolo Bonesini; the director of the State Tactile Museum “Omero” Aldo Grassini; the University Professor Silvia Simoncelli.
The artists were selected among the thirty-one blind in the exhibition, each representing a particular form of expression or conveying a specific meaning.

 The First Prizes, awarded by the Institute of the Blind of Milan, were given to:
Antonella Cappabianca, Rome – First Prize PHOTOGRAPHY
Osvaldo Maffei, Rovereto – First Prize GRAPHICS
Erika Tammpere, Tallinn, Estonia – First Prize VIDEO INSTALLATION
Adriano Ragazzi, Como – First Prize PAINTING
Luigi Turati, Milan – First Prize SCULPTURE

Other Special Prizes were awarded to:

Sergio Cechet, Ronchi dei Legionari -GO
Art@ltro Prize consisting of a bas-relief by the artist G. Paolo Bonesini, awarded for having dealt with depth and skill with the EXPO theme “Energy for Life”;

– the memory of Ivan Stojan Rutar, Koper, Slovenia
Pemart Prize consisting of a medal made by Chiara Imperiali in Carrara marble;

Andrea Sica, Salerno, Sinapsi Foundation
School of Sacred Art of Florence Prize, consisting of a stay in Florence with visits to museums, assigned to one of the youngest artists in the exhibition.

The meaning related to artistic creations of all participants is truly deep. An ongoing challenge by overcoming the sensory limits but, above all, by communicating, by different means, their creative vitality.

Blind Artists in the Art Senses Exhibition 2015
Rezka Arnus, Andrea Bianco, Antonella Bretschneider, Sergio Cechet, Antonella Cappabianca, Luca Casella, Marco Citro, Valentin Cundrič, Raffaella D’Ambra, Lucilla D’Antilio, Salvatore De Stefano, Paolo Dunchi, Cinzia Frassà, Zohar Ginio, Milka Jug, Jana Kus, Marco Leone, Rossana Leonardi, Osvaldo Maffei, Danielle Ongo-Levi, Anne Parker, Adriano Ragazzi, Alessandro Scaramucci, Andrea Sica, Ivan Stojan Rutar, Erika Tammpere, Ismo Tilanto, Meri Tišler, Lucio Treu, Luigi Turati, Natalija Žitnik Metaj

 Parallel exhibitions
“A multi-sensory journey” with blind artists: Regina Anzalone, Gian Paolo Bonesini, Angela Casagrande, Kunie Fujiyoshi, Patricia Nattino, Massimo Pelagagge, Alex Pergher.
“Seeing with the hands” by Pemart. Works created during the Symposium 2015 in Carrara with artists who are blind.

The event, created in 2010 by the Art@ltro Association, is organized in 2015 at the Institute of the Blind of Milan with the support of EBU-European Blind Union and the Italian Union for the Blind and Partially Sighted, in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, EXPO and the City of Milan, the Lombardy Region, Metropolitan City of Milan, the State Tactile Museum OMERO, Sinapsi Foundation, Grosseto Culture Foundation, School of Sacred Art of Florence, Pemart, Huntsman, Elettromar, Rotary Club Massa Marittima, La Cura.

SENSI DELL’ARTE | Art Senses | 2015
Exploring the exhibition with the hands





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